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Can you collect and store your newborn child’s umbilical cord blood, even if you deliver via cesarean section? 
The answer is a resounding yes!

Elective Cesarean Deliveries

If parents are planning on an elective C-section, it will not interfere with the cord blood and tissue banking process. The sample collection process is very similar to the process for vaginal births. Some studies have even shown that cord blood collection immediately after c-sections actually leads to greater blood volume and a richer count of cells than that collected after vaginal birth. 

However, there are some factors that slightly alter the collection procedure following cesarean birth. Because of the surgical nature of the procedure, the cord blood extraction can only be started once the gynecologist has stabilized the condition of both mother and child and completed the sealing of the uterus. This can lead to delays in cord blood collection. 

Nevertheless, with elective C-section deliveries, the cord blood collection process proceeds essentially the same it does during natural birth. It remains a safe, painless and non-invasive process for both mother and baby and can be fully incorporated into you birth plan. 

Even if the collection process is slightly delayed, ample blood and tissue can still be collected and stored, thus allowing you to provide your child and family with an added layer of protection against a range of diseases and conditions that can be treated with cord blood.

Emergency Cesarean Deliveries

What about an unplanned c-section?

Unplanned cesarean deliveries are the result of an emergency situation. The baby or the mother may require urgent attention following birth, and naturally their welfare becomes everyone's priority in the operating room. Despite this, typically an unplanned c-section still results in a seamless post-delivery cord blood and tissue collection.

To prepare yourself for the outside possibility that your natural birth plans could be altered by an emergency c-section, be sure to pick a provider that, like MiracleCord, provides an FDA-approved, 100% sterile cord blood collection kit. This is critical so the collection bag can be used inside the sterile field in the operating room.

The MiracleCord Advantage 

If you are one of the 200,000 expectant parents that will be banking their newborn’s cord blood this year, MiracleCord has the experience and the refined processes that can make planning easy and affordable. 

Cord blood banking can save lives, and the decision to bank with MiracleCord could be the most important birth-planning decision you can make. We lead the industry with the most advanced technologies, state-of-the art processes and comprehensive services for banking your child’s umbilical cord blood and cord tissue

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