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AXP® II Automated Processing

The AXP II AutoXpress® system has defined a new standard for cord blood banking.

AXP II AutoXpress is a state-of-the-art, automated cord blood processing platform that is a fully closed, sterile system.

AXP II Cord Blood Processing Advantages
Optical sensor technology is utilized for precision separation and recovery of the stem cells from cord blood. AXP II has the proven ability to recover 99% of cells – 20% higher than Sepax® and Hespan® processing methods.1

Additionally, the AXP II system significantly minimizes the possibility of lab technician errors and the introduction of contaminants that can occur during manual processing.

The National Cord Blood Program of the New York Blood Center cited one of the advantages of the AXP platform is the high success rate of cell yield.

Cell yield is critically important because transplant success and patient survival rates improve when greater numbers of cord blood stem cells are used in therapy (stem cell dose).

1 Registry, Cord. ‘Highest Recovery of Cord Blood Stem Cells Achieved With New Automated Processing System, Study Shows’. Prnewswire.com. N.p., 2015. Web. 5 Mar. 2015.

AXP and AutoExpress are registered trademarks of ThermoGenesis Corp.; Sepax is a registered trademark of Biosafe S.A.; Hespan is a registered trademark of B. Braun Medical Inc.

MiracleCord's laboratory uses AXP automated cord blood processing.

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