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  • What is Cord Tissue Banking?

    Cord tissue banking is the process of safely collecting, processing and storing your baby’s umbilical cord tissue for potential use in the treatment of future diseases or conditions. The umbilical cord is rich in s

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  • Making Sense of the Cost of Cord Blood Banking

    If you’re taking the time to research your options for storing cord blood with a private cord blood bank, you’ve probably noticed that there is a wide range in pricing between the different providers. Some ma

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  • A Quick Guide to Regenerative Medicine

    From healed cuts to the skin, to mended broken bones, and regenerated liver tissue, we all know that the human body has the ability to heal and repair itself on some level. However, we also are aware that many diseases a

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  • How is Cord Blood Collected?

    If you’re considering the life-saving potential of banking your baby’s cord blood, you may be wondering exactly how the cord blood is collected. When initially envisioning how doctors obtain stem cells from

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  • How Long Can Cord Blood Be Stored?

    As you may have seen, MiracleCord offers lifetime storage plans for cord blood and cord tissue banking. That being said, before making the potentially life-saving decision to bank your baby’s cord blood, we kn

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