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Cord Blood Banking Comparison

MiracleCord leads the industry in providing superior quality cord blood banking at affordable prices.
Use the comparison chart below to compare MiracleCord's prices and services to other top cord blood banks.


The Best Value for Cord Blood Banking.

Compare our services and pricing below and we think you will find that MiracleCord provides the best value for cord blood banking. We offer no-compromise, high-quality services at affordable prices.

MiracleCord's laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that has been processing cord blood for nearly 25 years. Our lab is AABB accredited, FDA registered and CLIA certified, which guarantees that we are meeting or exceeding the most stringent standards for processing and storing cord blood and cord tissue.

Also, with our best-price guarantee you can rest assured that you will receive the lowest price.

See the comparison chart below to view the high-quality of services that we offer, as well as our very competitive pricing.

When comparing MiracleCord to other companies, please note that our cord blood processing methods are comparable to the "enhanced" or "premium" processing advertised by other companies.

 Services & Features




 Cord Blood: Annual Storage Plan




 Cord Blood + Tissue: Annual Storage Plan




 Cord Blood: 20 Year Storage Plan




 Cord Blood + Tissue: 20 Year Storage Plan




 TimeCritical® Processing

TimeCritical Processing Used



 Direct Medical Courier Service

Direct Medical Courier Service Used



 AXP® II Advanced Automated Processing

Advanced AXP automated cord blood processing system.

Successful Transplants Reported


 StemCare® Thermal Collection Kit

StemCare Thermal Collection Kit Provided



 Cord Blood 2.0™

Cord Blood 2.0 Technology Utilized



 FDA Approved Collection Bag – Safe for C-Sections

FDA Approved Collection Bag Used


FDA Approved Collection Bag Provided

 Successful Transplants

Successful Cord Blood Transplants

Successful Transplants Reported

Successful Transplants

 $100,000 Engraftment Guarantee

$100,000 Engraftment Guarantee    

Information updated October 5, 2022. CBR is a registered trademark of Cord Blood Registry, Inc.; Viacord is a registered trademark of Viacord, Inc.; Cord Blood 2.0 is a registered trademark of Americord Registry LLC.; AXP is a registered trademark of ThermoGenesis Corp.


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