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Why Choose MiracleCord

MiracleCord leads the industry with the most advanced and comprehensive cord blood and cord tissue stem cell banking services. All of our processes were designed to maximize stem cell viability and recovery rate.


MiracleCord offers exclusive TimeCritical Processing

TimeCritical ® Processing

MiracleCord has the unique ability to process umbilical cord blood and cord tissue in significantly less time than most other cord blood banks with our exclusive TimeCritical processing. This can yield considerably more viable stem cells.

MiracleCord has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities

Experience You Can Trust

MiracleCord has been providing high-quality cord blood banking services for nearly two decades. The state-of-the-art cord blood banking laboratory is FDA registered and AABB accredited. This ensures that the most stringent standards are adhered to for cord blood and cord tissue banking.

Maximum recovery rate is achieved with advanced automated processing systems

Advanced Automated Systems

Advanced automated processing with the proven ability to recover 99% of cells is utilized to process your baby's cord blood. This is 20% higher than Sepax® and Hespan®, the processing methods used by most other cord blood banks.


MiracleCord StemCare Collection Kit

StemCare® Collection Kit

MiracleCord’s StemCare thermal collection kit includes an FDA-approved, sterile cord blood collection bag that safe for use in the sterile field for C-sections, and our cord tissue cup contains an antibiotic solution that protects the tissue from contamination.

Affordable cord blood banking pricing

Affordable Pricing

MiracleCord is committed to providing the highest quality cord blood and cord tissue banking services at affordable prices. Choosing MiracleCord means your family will receive superior quality and exceptional value.

MiracleCord $50,000 Quality Guarantee

$100,000 Quality Guarantee

As a valued MiracleCord client, our $100,000 Stem Cell Engraftment Guarantee ensures the viability of your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells, should they be needed for a transplant.




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