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Earlier this month, physicians at Boca Raton Regional Hospital launched a clinical trial to explore the use of umbilical cord stem cells in the treatment of COVID-19 patients suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

The treatment infuses cord tissue stem cells in an effort to reduce inflammation and regenerate lung tissue that has been damaged from the effects of COVID-19.

The study, referred to as “Pilot Study of Safety and Efficacy of Cord Tissue Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (hCT-MSC) in COVID-19 Related Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS),” is comprised of 30 coronavirus patients who are experiencing ARDS. The treatment is infused intravenously once a day for three consecutive days.

“Our study will help provide the scientific data to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the treatment,” Dr. Vrionis explained. Dr. Vironis, one of the lead physicians in the study, remarked that he is “excited to be part of a promising potential coronavirus therapy.”

The news is generating excitement in the cord blood and cord tissue banking industry, where researchers, providers and parents alike continuously monitor potential cord blood and cord tissue treatment options and therapies.

Source: https://southfloridahospitalnews.com/

Examining the Effectiveness of Cord Tissue Stem Cells

Over 300 clinical trials are underway around the world to explore the effectiveness of cord tissue stem cells. Researchers are working diligently to identify diseases and conditions that may benefit from therapies that utilize mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). 

MSCs are a unique type of stem cell that is derived from cord tissue. These powerful and dynamic stem cells have shown great potential in regenerative medicine, gene therapy, and tissue regeneration. MSCs can replace a variety of cell types including muscle, nerve, bone, cartilage, and many other cells that play a crucial role in healing.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of MSCs are their ability to suppress the body’s immune response, which makes them a valuable component of therapies aimed at reducing the chance of a body rejecting potentially life-saving treatments. Doctors have begun using cord tissue stem cells in conjunction with cord blood stem cells to reduce the effects of graft versus host disease, or GVHD

GVHD is a potentially fatal condition in which the patient’s body rejects transplanted stem cells from a donor. MSCs work to reduce the likelihood of rejection, which in turn improves opportunities for patients to benefit from life-saving stem cell transplants.

Cord tissue stem cells continue to show incredible potential for use in regenerative medicine. By banking your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue, you’re providing the most comprehensive set of treatment options should you or your child need stem cell therapy.

Cord Tissue Banking Explained

Cord tissue banking is offered in conjunction with cord blood banking services, and is an ideal choice for parents who wish to secure the widest range of future treatment options. 

The process is simple, painless and stress-free for both mother and baby. Upon enrollment, you’ll be mailed a cord blood and cord tissue collection kit that you will take with you to the hospital on the day of your delivery.

After your baby is born, your doctor will collect the cord blood and cord tissue. The procedure is fast and painless, and poses no risk to the mother or child.

Your baby’s cord blood and tissue specimens will be picked up by our secure medical courier partner, who will quickly transport the samples to our processing lab. We have invested heavily in our exclusive StemCare® Collection Kit and TimeCritical® Processing technologies, and our direct medical courier service to ensure timely delivery and processing so that we can preserve the highest number of viable stem cells. We have the unique ability to transport your baby’s cord blood samples to our lab for processing in significantly less time than most other cord blood banks.

Our service is backed by a $100,000 Quality Guarantee. If your baby’s stem cells are used in a transplant and fail to engraft, we’ll pay up to $100,000 towards the cost of an alternative stem cell source.

Explore Your Cord Tissue and Cord Blood Banking Options

We understand that you may have questions about cord blood and cord tissue banking, and whether choosing to bank both types of cells is the right choice for your family. We’ve created resources to help you understand the benefits of banking cord tissue and cord blood. 

Visit our News page to read more in-depth articles, and access the latest scientific resources surrounding the cord blood banking industry.

You may also browse our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about stem cells and how they can help your family secure a wealth of future treatment options.

Ready to get started, or want more information? Download our Free Info Kit or Enroll Now. Click below to explore our many affordable cord blood and tissue banking options. 

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