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MiracleCord® FAQs

How is MiracleCord different from other cord blood banks?

Choosing MiracleCord means your family will receive superior quality and exceptional value.

Why doesn't MiracleCord offer placenta tissue banking?

MiracleCord does not offer placenta tissue banking because the stem cells derived from the placenta tissue (mesenchymal stem cells, also known as MSC's) are identical to those that come from cord tissue. MiracleCord's laboratory facilities have the ability to expand the MSC's from the cord tissue by thousands of times, therefore placental tissue banking provides no additional benefit whatsoever.

Does MiracleCord use a direct medical courier service?

Yes. MiracleCord only uses a direct medical courier service to transport your baby's cord blood and cord tissue. They will not transfer custody of your baby's specimens to a commercial shipping carrier such as UPS or FedEx. Each unit is carefully transported from your hospital room to our laboratory in a temperature-controlled environment by experts trained in the handling of biological tissue.

Direct medical courier service is included with every MiracleCord plan, at no extra cost to you.

How quickly can MiracleCord process my baby's cord blood and cord tissue?

MiracleCord has the unique ability to begin processing umbilical cord blood and cord tissue specimens within 12 hours after collection, which ensures the highest margin of stem cell viability.

1MiracleCord has the ability to process cord blood specimens within 12 hours of collection, subject to certain conditions beyond MiracleCord's control.
How much does cord blood and cord tissue banking cost?

MiracleCord provides the highest quality cord blood and cord tissue banking services to families at affordable prices. MiracleCord plans are all-inclusive with no hidden fees or additional charges.

Click here to view our pricing.

Is it too late in my pregnancy to enroll?

No. You can enroll any time before your baby is born. However, since 50% of all babies are born before their due date and 12% are born premature, it is recommended that you enroll early.

How do I enroll with MiracleCord?

You may enroll online or by phone. It is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. 

  • If you wish to enroll online, click here and complete the online form. 
  • If you prefer to enroll by phone, please call 888-743-2673 and our Customer Service Professionals will be happy to assist you.
How many cord blood units has MiracleCord's laboratory released for transplant?

Over 100 cord blood units that were processed and stored at our laboratory facilities have been released for transplant. All of the units were viable and engrafted successfully.

Is MiracleCord financially stable?

Yes. MiracleCord is a debt-free, profitable, privately held corporation with a long history of fiscal stability.

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