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The days of having to go to a store to set up a baby registry are long gone! Now new parents can access convenient online baby registries that make it simple for family and friends to get a head start on spoiling your little one. Popular online stores for baby registries include Target, Walmart, Pottery Barn and of course Amazon.

Every parent has a different style so it’s okay to create registries at multiple sites so that you can get exactly what you want and need. While the bulk of your wishlist will be for the baby, don’t forget to consider your own wants as well. Seriously, it’s okay to ask for the slightly more expensive items, if that’s what you prefer-- you’re the one who will be using them!

No matter where you choose to set up a baby registry, there are some definite must-haves to help prepare you for the arrival of your little miracle. We’ve compiled a list of everything you should include in your baby registry checklist.

Must Have Baby Registry Items for New Parents

Toddler car seat
Plan ahead where you can! Asking for a toddler-appropriate car seat now will set you up for success in a few years when people are perhaps contributing less gifts to your family.

Breast pump
If you haven’t found a breast pump brand and style that you know will work for you, consider registering for gift cards. Returning breast pumps can be difficult and in some cases not allowed at all, so asking for money to use toward a breast pump gives you the flexibility and time to find the right pump for you.

Newborn, infant and toddler clothes
People love to shop for adorable infant clothes, but the fact of the matter is that your baby will likely outgrow newborn clothing faster than you can use all of the outfits you receive. Be sure to add clothing, hats, socks and shoes for each stage of your baby’s early years.

Newborn and infant toys
Consider asking for toys your baby can use at each stage of their first years. Planning ahead and asking for toys suitable for 1 and 2 year olds gives you an opportunity to have new toys on hand as your baby grows.


  • Baby monitor

  • Bibs

  • Burp cloths

  • Diaper pail

  • Stroller

  • Infant car seat

  • Baby bottles

  • Formula (If not nursing, or as needed)

  • Baby bouncer
  • Diapers
  • Diapers
  • More diapers (You can never have enough diapers!)
  • Baby carrier
  • Crib
  • High chair
  • Nursing chair or rocker
  • Baby swing
  • Bassinet
  • Baby blankets
  • Crib bedding
  • Disposable wipes

You can also register for day to day items such as nipple cream, baby soap, shampoo, baby safe detergent and other practical items. However, asking for gift cards is a great way to access these daily-use items as the need arises, and offers you the freedom to purchase things you need right away as opposed to accumulating a stockpile of products you may never get around to using.

The key to building your baby registry is to focus on the items you know you really want or need right away, so your friends and family can contribute to the most important products. By building a carefully tailored registry you can be sure you’ll receive your must-have items.

Cord Blood Banking Gift Registry

An often overlooked baby registry item (and one many people may not know they can contribute to) is cord blood banking. Friends and family can contribute to your cord blood banking registry to help with the costs associated with cord blood and cord tissue banking services. If you’re looking for a practical gift idea or you’re a new parent looking for longterm ways to support your new baby, consider registering for cord blood banking.

Why You Should Set Up A Cord Blood Banking Gift Registry

Your baby’s cord blood can save lives. Cord blood contains a unique type of stem cell called “hematopoietic stem cells” or HSCs. These powerful cells replace and repair tissue that has been damaged by disease, chemotherapy or other medical conditions. In fact, cord blood stem cells are used to treat over 80 diseases and conditions.

By banking your baby’s cord blood you’re securing a powerful source of potentially life-saving cells that can be accessed at any time in the future. Your newborn’s cord blood stem cells also have a high probability of being a suitable match for genetically related siblings and parents. Cord blood banking is a secure investment in your family’s health and peace of mind.

Cord Blood Banking Is Safe and Secure

Collecting your baby’s cord blood is a simple and painless process. Once your baby is born your doctor will collect the cord blood and our direct medical courier will pick up the specimens and quickly transport them to our secure laboratory for testing and processing.

Many cord blood banking services cut costs by delaying shipment of cord blood by up to 48 hours or more. At MiracleCord we understand that every second counts, which is why we work quickly and efficiently to ensure your baby’s cord blood sample is processed without delay so that we can preserve the highest amount of viable stem cells.

We’re so confident in our experience and the success of our cord blood banking process that we back our services with a $100,000 Quality Guarantee. If your baby’s cord blood stem cells are used in a stem cell transplant and fail to engraft, we will contribute up to $100,000 toward the cost of an alternative source of stem cells.

Learn more about cord blood and cord tissue banking by browsing our library of resources.

Learn About Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Banking

Enroll In The MiracleCord Cord Blood Banking Gift Registry

Friends and family can help with the cost of your cord blood banking services. We’ve made it easy for loved ones to contribute to your MiracleCord gift registry account. It’s a fast, secure and stress-free way for people to support the arrival of your little miracle!  

Getting started is simple! Upon your enrollment with MiracleCord you’ll receive an account number that your friends and family can use to make a contribution.

Now you know all of the fun and practical things to include in your baby registry checklist. What’s next? Be sure to visit our other helpful new parent articles. You can never be too prepared! Oh, and a nap might be nice. You probably won’t get many of those once the baby arrives!

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