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Privacy Policy

MiracleCord is committed to keeping the personal and health information you provide to us strictly confidential and to limit the disclosure of such information.

The Information

As a result of your enrollment as a Client of MiracleCord, you will be providing MiracleCord with various types of information. You will provide MiracleCord with personal identification information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card numbers. You will also provide MiracleCord with a medical health history questionnaire that contains information about you. Included in "information" that is subject to this policy is any additional information you voluntarily provide to us.

You understand and agree that as a result of your use of this site and interest in MiracleCord that MiracleCord may communicate with you by means of any of email, text messaging, telephone or written communication. You have the right to opt out of such communications by using that means of communication you wish to stop at any time: (i) an email to MiracleCord at support@miraclecord.com; (ii) a text “STOP” in response to a MiracleCord text; (iii) a call to MiracleCord customer service at 1-888-743-2673; or (iv) by letter to MiracleCord at 875 N Michigan Ave, Ste 3100, Chicago, IL 60611.

MiracleCord's Obligations of Confidentiality

With respect to the personal identification information you provide to us, MiracleCord will only disclose such information to its employees, agents, representatives and its service partners providing collection, testing and storage services related to the Specimens, and only where such individuals or entities have demonstrated a need to know for the purposes of completing the process of storing the Specimens as part of the program in which you have enrolled, and maintaining adequate records related to such storage. Without your consent, MiracleCord will not share or sell your information to any vendor, marketing or promotion firm or any other third party. One exception to this general commitment is that MiracleCord will comply with all applicable governmental orders or requirements as well as any judicial or other regulatory agency subpoenas. MiracleCord will notify you in the event it receives such order, requirement or subpoena.

With respect to the medical information you provide to MiracleCord, including your responses on the medical health history questionnaire and the results of any tests on the Specimens, MiracleCord will only disclose such information as required by applicable federal or state law. Additionally, MiracleCord may disclose such information to a third party for whom you have granted consent for such disclosure, including any medical professional providing health care services to you, your child or any third party. Any information related to the Specimens maintained by either MiracleCord or its service partners will be treated the same as medical information as described under this policy.


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