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Cord tissue banking is the process of safely collecting, processing and storing your baby’s umbilical cord tissue for potential use in the treatment of future diseases or conditions. The umbilical cord is rich in stem cells that may be extremely valuable in future stem cell therapies. After your baby’s cord tissue is processed, those precious stem cells are stored in a private cryogenic storage facility that is accessible to your family at any point in the future when they are needed.

Banking your baby’s cord tissue with a private cord blood bank such as MiracleCord offers you a lifetime of peace of mind knowing that your baby, and immediate family members of your child, will have access to the stem cells in the event of a future medical condition. 

What is the difference between cord blood and cord tissue?

The difference between umbilical cord blood and cord tissue lies in the different types of stem cells that are found in each, and the role each type of cell plays in regeneration or self healing.

Cord blood stem cells are called HSCs or hematopoietic stem cells. HSCs can differentiate (or change into) any blood component to protect the body from various cancers, metabolic disorders, and blood and immune system diseases. Cord blood stem cells have shown to be highly effective in the treatment of over 80 diseases and conditions that are already FDA-approved.

The stem cells from cord tissue are called Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). MSCs can differentiate into many kinds of cells including skin, bone, fat, muscle, cartilage and organ cells. MSCs’ ability to fulfill many regenerative roles within the body poses significant promise in the future treatment of many types of diseases.

Can cord tissue cure diseases?

Mesenchymal stem cells, which are found in umbilical cord tissue, are being studied in over 300 clinical trials around the globe. MSCs have demonstrated significant regenerative properties and they can self-renew without experiencing diminished potency or DNA degradation. Researchers and doctors are exploring the potential of using MSCs in regenerative medicine and tissue repair.

Clinical trials using MSCs are already showing promising outcomes in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and many other debilitating conditions. Banking your baby’s cord tissue will allow your family access to many potential future treatment options.

Should I bank cord tissue?

It is recommended that you bank your baby’s cord tissue so that you have the widest scope of treatment options in the future. As researchers develop new therapies using cord blood and cord tissue stem cells, your family may need access to both types of stem cells in order to provide the most comprehensive treatment. 

One of the additional benefits of cord tissue stem cells is that they can significantly reduce the incidence of graft-versus-host-disease (GVHD), a very serious condition that can occur when a patient’s body rejects transplanted stem cells. GVHD can be fatal, but fortunately clinical trials are showing great promise in the role cord tissue stem cells play in preventing GVHD.

If you choose to bank only cord blood, the cord tissue stem cells will be discarded and lost forever. Also, MSCs cannot be extracted or recreated from cord blood, so banking your baby’s cord tissue at the time of birth is the only option for saving these precious cells. 

If you want to secure the greatest number of potential treatment options in the future, you should consider banking your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue. Both are collected shortly after the birth of your baby, and the cord blood and tissue collection process is quick and painless for both mother and baby.

Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Banking Options

MiracleCord has earned a reputation as an industry leader in private cord blood and cord tissue banking though many years of commitment to service, quality and affordability. We have made significant investments in our cord tissue and cord blood collection processes to keep costs down without sacrificing quality or viability of the stem cells. Because we believe that everyone should have access to life-saving treatments, we offer competitive pricing and payment plan options for storing cord tissue that are more affordable than other cord blood banks.

Do you have questions about cord tissue banking? Call us at 888.743.2673 or download our Free Info Kit now.


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