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Why should I bank my baby’s cord blood?

Cord blood is a rich source of stem cells found in your baby’s umbilical cord that can be cryogenically frozen for future medical use. Cord blood stem cells can potentially be used to treat your child and immediate family members who may one day suffer from a debilitating condition or disease. 

What is Cord Blood Banking?

Cord blood banking is the process of collecting cord blood and cord tissue from the umbilical cord after it has been clamped and cut and is no longer attached to the baby. The collection is then transported to a cryogenic storage facility where it is processed and cryogenically frozen until needed. Scientists predict that cord blood and cord tissue stem cells should remain completely viable for a minimum of 200 years.

Benefits of Private Cord Blood Banking

  • Effective treatment against future conditions: Cord blood stem cells can effectively treat 80 diseases and conditions including lymphoma, leukemia and sickle-cell anemia to name a few. Your baby’s cord blood stem cells may provide your child, and immediate family members of the child, with the best chance of survival and a renewed quality of life should they be facing a serious disease or condition.
  • Significantly reduce the risk of Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD). Banking your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue, instead of relying on public donors, can significantly reduce the risk of GVHD, a potentially fatal condition associated with stem cell transplants.
  • Never worry about finding a “match.”80% of all publicly donated cord blood samples are never stored for future transplant, making the chance of finding a donor match extremely low. By privately banking your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue you will always have readily available and compatible cord blood stem cells.
  • Lifelong peace of mind. Cord blood stem cells remain viable indefinitely when stored safely at a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius. 

Cord Blood Banking Process

The MiracleCord Cord Blood Banking Process

Immediately following the birth of your baby the umbilical cord will be safely clamped and cut by your doctor or midwife. 

The cord blood is collected from the detached cord using our StemCare® thermal collection kit, and retrieved by our direct medical courier partner who will deliver the cord blood unit to our laboratory.

Your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue will be tested, processed and cryogenically frozen in our secure storage facility. Processing cord blood within 12 hours after collection yields a significantly greater number of viable stem cells. Our TimeCritical® Processing ensures that we process your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue very quickly. 

A Certificate of Storage and comprehensive lab report will be provided to you after all testing is complete. This fascinating report will document the details of your child’s stem cell units.

Should you need your baby’s cord blood or cord tissue for a stem cell transplant, we will cryogenically ship the cord blood and cord tissue unit to a transplant facility anywhere in the world.

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