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Direct Medical Courier Service

MiracleCord's direct medical courier service ensures the fastest delivery of your baby's cord blood and cord tissue specimens to our laboratory.

Professionals trained in the handling of human tissue carefully transport each cord blood and cord tissue specimen in a temperature-controlled environment.

MiracleCord's medical courier will deliver your baby's specimens directly to our laboratory where they will be immediately processed without delay.

This exclusive service is included with every plan at no additional cost.

MiracleCord offers direct medical courier service  


Traditional medical courier service

Many cord blood banks that advertise the use of a “medical courier service” will in fact use a medical courier to pick up your baby’s specimens, but they are then dropped off at a nearby FedEx® or UPS® location. The transport to the lab is then handled by one of these conventional shipping carriers.

Conventional shipping carriers such as FedEx and UPS are not temperature-controlled and could delay processing of your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue by 48 hours or more. Both factors can result in a significant loss of stem cell viability.

Furthermore, conventional shipping companies do not differentiate human tissue from their other package delivery services, and do not provide the specialized care that is critical for the transport of biological materials.

FedEx is a registered trademark of Federal Express Corporation; UPS is a registered trademark of United Parcel Service of America, Inc.

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