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Stem cells save lives.

Why Save Cord Blood?

Stem cells save lives. Your baby’s cord blood stem cells are a perfect genetic match for your newborn, and they have a high probability of being a suitable match for siblings and parents.

This eliminates the risk of transplant rejection (GVHD) for your newborn, and significantly reduces the risk of GVHD for immediate family members.

Saving your baby’s cord blood provides your family with the best chance of survival, recovery, and a renewed quality of life when facing a life-threatening disease or condition.


How Is Cord Blood Collected?

Cord blood collection is simple, painless and poses no risk to mother or baby. After the umbilical cord has been clamped and cut, your doctor will sanitize a small section of the cord and insert the collection bag needle.

The excess blood that had remained in the placenta and umbilical cord after your baby’s birth will flow into the collection bag. When the flow stops, the collection bag is sealed, labeled and ready for transport to our lab in the MiracleCord StemCare® collection kit.

Learn more about the amazing potential of stem cells and how you can provide complete protection for your family by saving your baby’s umbilical Cord Tissue.

Cord blood collection poses no risk to mother or baby.

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