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MiracleCord leads the industry in providing families with affordable, superior quality cord blood banking.

 Services & Features




 Cord Blood – Annual Storage Plan




 Cord Blood & Cord Tissue – Annual Storage Plan




 Cord Blood – 20 Year Storage Plan




 Cord Blood & Cord Tissue – 20 Year Storage Plan




 TimeCritical® Processing

 TimeCritical Processing Provided



 Direct Medical Courier Service

Direct Medical Courier Service Used



 AXP® Advanced Automated Processing

Advanced AXP automated cord blood processing system.

Successful Transplants Reported


 StemCare® Thermal Collection Kit

StemCare Thermal Collection Kit Provided



 FDA Approved Collection Bag – Safe for C-Sections

FDA Approved Collection Bag Used


FDA Approved Collection Bag Provided

 Successful Transplants

Successful Cord Blood Transplants

Successful Transplants Reported

Successful Transplants

 $100,000 Stem Cell Engraftment Guarantee

$50,000 Stem Cell Engraftment Guarantee    

Information updated January 8, 2019. CBR is a registered trademark of Cord Blood Registry, Inc.; Viacord is a registered trademark of Viacord, Inc.; AXP is a registered trademark of ThermoGenesis Corp.

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