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MiracleCord Has The Answers You Need When It Comes to Cord Blood Banking

We know you have lots of questions when it comes to understanding the value of preserving your baby's cord blood. MiracleCord is here to help! Our free, comprehensive guide to cord blood banking gives you all the information you need to help you make a decision about your baby's future. , or feel free to call us at 888.743.2673.


The MiracleCord® Advantage

Affordable cord blood banking pricing

Affordable Pricing

Save $500! (limited time offer)

  • Cord Blood Banking with 20 Years of Storage: $2,195
  • Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Banking with 20 Years of Storage: $3,795
MiracleCord offers exclusive TimeCritical Processing

TimeCritical ® Processing

MiracleCord has the unique ability to process umbilical cord blood and cord tissue specimens within 12 hours after collection with our TimeCritical processing. This yields significantly more viable cells.

MiracleCord's laboratory uses the advanced AXP automated processing system

AXP® Automated Processing

MiracleCord's laboratory uses the advanced AXP automated processing system, with proven ability to recover 99% of cells – 20% higher than Sepax® and Hespan® processing methods.

MiracleCord has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities

Experienced Laboratory

MiracleCord's state-of-the-art laboratory facilities are AABB accredited, FDA registered and have more than two decades of experience.

MiracleCord StemCare Collection Kit

StemCare® Collection Kit

MiracleCord’s StemCare thermal collection kit includes an FDA approved sterile cord blood collection bag that is safe for use in the sterile field for C-sections.

MiracleCord $100,000 Quality Guarantee

$100,000 Quality Guarantee

As a MiracleCord client, the viability of your baby’s umbilical cord blood is backed by our $100,000 Quality Guarantee.

Top Cord Blood Banks Comparison

MiracleCord leads the industry with the most advanced and comprehensive cord blood and cord tissue banking services.


 Services & Features




Cord Blood – Annual Storage Plan




Cord Blood & Cord Tissue – Annual Storage Plan




Cord Blood – 20 Year Storage Plan




Cord Blood & Cord Tissue – 20 Year Storage Plan




TimeCritical® Processing

 TimeCritical Processing Provided



Direct Medical Courier Service

Direct Medical Courier Service Used



AXP® Advanced Automated Processing

Advanced AXP automated cord blood processing system.

Successful Transplants Reported


StemCare® Thermal Collection Kit

StemCare Thermal Collection Kit Provided



FDA Approved Collection Bag – Safe for C-Sections

FDA Approved Collection Bag Used


FDA Approved Collection Bag Provided

Successful Transplants

Successful Cord Blood Transplants

Successful Transplants Reported

Successful Transplants

$100,000 Engraftment Guarantee

$100,000 Engraftment Guarantee    

Information updated October 4, 2019. CBR is a registered trademark of Cord Blood Registry, Inc.; Viacord is a registered trademark of Viacord, Inc.; AXP is a registered trademark of ThermoGenesis Corp.



"Fantastic experience and great customer service! My kit was delivered to me within 24 hours. This is my third time using your service and it is always a good experience."

Margaret G.


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