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If you or someone close to you are pregnant or planning to become a parent, you may have heard a lot about umbilical cord blood banking and the cord blood registry. Knowledge of how cord blood treatments can save children and their families from over 80 diseases (including multiple types of cancer and a host of disorders that affect the blood, metabolic, and immune systems) has spread steadily over the past few years, but an increase in public awareness gives rise to certain practical questions like “just exactly how much does cord blood banking cost?”

It may take some research to figure out why cord blood banking prices vary and whether or not the difference is justified. As you research various cord blood banks, here are some things to keep in mind:

Cord Blood Banking Service that Suits Your Needs

Some cord blood banking companies may push you into purchasing services you do not need, while others may be cutting corners on quality that is critical to a successful cord blood banking process. Never assume paying top dollar will come with the quality and features you deserve.

MiracleCord offers high-quality cord blood banking at an affordable cost. Our plans are tailored to the needs of our clients to ensure successful cord blood banking for every family, and with industry-defining services such as our AXP® Automated Processing and TimeCritical® Processing, you know that your cord blood stem cells will be viable and delivered on time.

Cord Blood Banking and Storage Quality that Counts for More

Everyone has experienced the eventual regret that often comes from the choice to save a few bucks instead of opting for a product of higher cost and higher quality. On the other hand, services that are priced higher than the competition do not always deliver the best benefits or services for that cost. At MiracleCord we never cut corners on quality and we offer very competitive pricing for cord blood banking.

Your Cord Blood Banking Investment, Protected

Even with competitive pricing, you still want to assure quality and guaranteed protection for your baby’s cord blood and umbilical tissue samples. MiracleCord offers a $100,000 Quality Guarantee: If your child's cord blood unit is used in a stem cell transplant and the cells fail to engraft, MiracleCord will pay up to $100,000 towards the cost of procurement of an alternative stem cell source. It’s that simple - if your treatment doesn’t succeed, we will help you pay for one that will.

We encourage expecting parents to do their research before committing to cord blood banking or cord blood donation because we’re confident you’ll find there’s no other cord blood bank that can offer a better balance of fair pricing, high-quality services, and client satisfaction. Click here to see our current pricing and special offers.

Our laboratory has over 20 years of experience and a consistent track record of successful cord blood stem cell transplants. We would love to provide your family with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, in the event of a potentially heartbreaking diagnosis, hope awaits.

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