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Collection & Processing FAQs

How are cord blood and cord tissue collected?

Cord blood and cord tissue collection is simple, painless and poses no risk to mother or baby. After the umbilical cord has been clamped and cut, your doctor will sanitize a small section of the cord and insert the collection bag needle. The excess blood that had remained in the placenta and umbilical cord after your baby's birth will flow into the collection bag by gravity. When the flow stops, the collection bag is sealed, labeled and ready for transport to the laboratory.

If you have also chosen to save your baby's cord tissue, your doctor will then cut a 6 to 8 inch segment of the umbilical cord and place it inside the cord tissue collection container. Four small vials of the mother's blood will also be drawn and sent to our laboratory with the cord blood and cord tissue units.

Is the process safe for my baby?

Yes. There is no risk or pain to mother or baby. The collection process occurs after your baby is born and the umbilical cord has been clamped and cut. It does not interfere with the delivery or care of your newborn.

What is Cord Blood 2.0?

Cord Blood 2.0™ is a marketing term used by Americord®. Their claims that they can collect up to twice as many stem cells as other cord blood banks are unfounded and unfortunately can be very misleading to expecting parents.

MiracleCord and Americord both use the exact same FDA approved, sterile cord blood collection bag manufactured by Pall Corporation. All other conditions being equal (gestation period, birth weight, delayed cord clamping and collecting doctor's skill level, to name a few), the amount of cord blood that can be collected using MiracleCord's StemCare® cord blood collection kit and Americord's collection kit will be identical.

Compare Americord's services and pricing with MiracleCord.

Americord and Cord Blood 2.0 are registered trademarks of Americord Registry LLC.

If delayed cord clamping is part of my birth plan, can my baby's cord blood be collected and banked?

Yes, however in order to achieve best results with cord blood banking, it is recommended that you ask your doctor/midwife to limit the delayed cord clamping to a maximum time of 30 seconds after birth. Learn more.

What if I have a C-section?

Your MiracleCord StemCare® collection kit includes an FDA approved sterile cord blood collection bag that is safe for use in the sterile field, should you deliver by C-section.

Does MiracleCord use Heparin in any collection materials?

No. MiracleCord is Heparin-free.

MiracleCord uses the anticoagulant Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CDP) in our collection bags. Learn more.

Will my baby's cord blood be collected in a bag or a vial?

MiracleCord uses an FDA-approved, sterile cord blood collection bag for cord blood collection.

How do I get a MiracleCord StemCare® cord blood and cord tissue collection kit?

Your MiracleCord StemCare® thermal collection kit will be sent to you as soon as you enroll. Click here to Enroll Online, or call 888-743-2673 and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

What is TimeCritical® processing?

Any delay until processing your baby's cord blood and cord tissue can result in a significant loss of viable stem cells. Studies have shown that cord blood processed within 12 hours of collection yields considerably more viable stem cells.1 Nearly half of the stem cells collected lose their viability when cord blood is processed 24 hours after collection.

MiracleCord has the unique ability to process your baby's cord blood and cord tissue within 12 hours of collection with our exclusive TimeCritical® processing.2

1 Shlebak AA, Marley SB, Roberts IAG, Davidson RJ, Goldman JM, Gordon MY. 1999. Optimal timing for processing and cryopreservation of umbilical cord hematopoietic stem cells for clinical transplantation. Bone Marrow Transplantation 23: 131-136.

2 MiracleCord has the ability to process cord blood specimens within 12 hours of collection, subject to certain conditions beyond MiracleCord's control.
How will my baby's cord blood and cord tissue get to MiracleCord's laboratory?

Shortly after your baby's cord blood and cord tissue have been collected, call 888-917-7447 to let us know your StemCare® collection kit is ready for pick up. Our direct medical courier service will retrieve your baby's specimens from your hospital room 24/7/365 and deliver them safely to our laboratory for processing.

How is MiracleCord's direct medical courier service different?

MiracleCord only uses a direct medical courier service that will not transfer custody of your baby's cord blood and cord tissue to a conventional shipping carrier.

Many companies that advertise the use of a medical courier service will have the medical courier drop-off your baby's specimens at a FedEx® or UPS® location near your birthing facility, and the conventional shipping company will then handle the transport to their lab.

Conventional shipping carriers such as FedEx and UPS are not temperature-controlled and could delay cord blood processing by 48 hours or more. Both factors can result in a significant loss of stem cell viability.

FedEx is a registered trademark of Federal Express Corporation; UPS is a registered trademark of United Parcel Service of America, Inc.

Should my baby's cord blood and cord tissue be refrigerated after collection?

No. Cord blood and cord tissue should be kept at room temperature from the time of collection until the time the specimens are processed at our laboratory facilities. Exposure to high or low temperatures can result in a significant loss of stem cell viability. The combination of MiracleCord's specially designed StemCare® thermal collection kit and utilization of our direct medical courier service ensures that your baby's cord blood and cord tissue will be kept at a consistent temperature from your hospital room to our laboratory.

Will my doctor charge a fee for the collection process?

Some doctors charge a small fee for the cord blood and cord tissue collection procedure, which may be covered by your insurance company.

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