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AABB Accredited Cord Tissue Banking

AABB Accreditation for Cord Tissue Banking.

MiracleCord is 1 of only 3 cord blood banking companies in the United States with laboratory facilities that are accredited with the AABB for processing and storing Cord Tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC's).​

Many private cord blood banks have received AABB accreditation for banking Cord Blood stem cells, but the AABB has not given them accreditation for banking Cord Tissue stem cells.

This is because of the inferior methods they are using to process and store the tissue (referred to as storing whole, segmented or minced tissue). Studies show there is little chance of recovering any viable stem cells with these methods.


MiracleCord's method of isolating the stem cells from Cord Tissue prior to freezing mitigates the limitations of the other methods and results in consistent recovery of high percentages of viable stem cells. This is the only method of processing and storing Cord Tissue approved by the AABB.

What many expecting parents do not realize is that if they choose a cord blood bank that is not AABB accredited for cord tissue banking their baby's cord tissue stem cells will likely never be viable for use in a transplant.

Cord tissue stem cell isolation.

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