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The MiracleCord Process Makes It Easy To Store Your Child’s Cord Blood.

Over the years, we have refined our process to make cord blood banking easy for expecting parents – and affordable.


Why Should I Bank My Child’s Cord Blood with MiracleCord?

Every year, more than 200,000 expecting parents in the United States choose to bank their newborn’s cord blood.

The cord blood banking process occurs after your doctor/midwife has delivered your baby and clamped and cut the umbilical cord. The cord blood is then collected from the section of the umbilical cord that is no longer attached to your baby.

Next our direct medical courier will come to the birthing facility to pick up the cord blood unit and transport it to our laboratory facility where we will do testing, processing and cryogenically freeze the stem cells.

After all test results come back you will receive your MiracleCord Certificate of Storage and detailed lab report. At this point your baby’s cord blood stem cells are safely stored for your family’s future use, should a stem cell transplant be necessary.



The MiracleCord Cord Blood Banking Process... Easy. Simple. Worry-free.

1. Enrollment

Enrolling with MiracleCord is easy and only takes a few minutes. You may Enroll Online or by phone at 888-743-2673. Upon enrollment, we will immediately ship your MiracleCord StemCare® collection kit to you.

2. Planning for the Birth

Once you receive your StemCare® thermal cord blood and cord tissue collection kit, follow the instructions provided within. Pack your collection kit with the personal items you plan to bring to the hospital.

3. Specimens Collection

Immediately following your baby's birth, your doctor will perform the cord blood and cord tissue collection procedures. The process only takes about five minutes, and there is no risk or pain to mother or child.

4. Medical Courier Pick Up

Once your baby's cord blood and cord tissue have been collected, call 888-917-7447 to request your pick up. Our direct medical courier will come to your birthing facility to retrieve your cord blood and cord tissue specimens and immediately transport them to our laboratory.

5. Processing

MiracleCord's laboratory will perform several tests on the cord blood, cord tissue and the maternal blood samples. Your baby's cord blood and cord tissue will then be processed and prepared for long-term cryogenic storage.

6. Storage

Your baby's cord blood and cord tissue will be safely preserved in our secure cryogenic storage facility. After all testing is complete, you will receive a MiracleCord Certificate of Storage and a comprehensive lab report documenting the details of your baby's cord blood and cord tissue units.

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